Blood Type Inheritance


MB Blood Type Inheritance

MB Blood Type Inheritance is a blood type determination tool for your child. This is based on the genetic inheritance of a blood type from a parent to a child. MB Blood Type Inheritance is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. This

Blood Type Diet  v.

This application gives you the classification of food for you according to your blood type. Taken from:


Know Your Blood Type  v.

This application allows you to get information about your respective blood types. You can know following things about your blood type. -Origin -Famous Personalities -Health information about the blood type -Nutritional details about the blood type

Blood Type  v.

This app tells you with witch other type of blood you are compatible in the ABO and rhesus

Blood Type - Food Chart  v.

This application helps you to choose food based on blood group type to improve your health. The blood groups are classified into four groups (A, B, AB, and O) and food categories are divided into three segments (Beneficial Foods,

MB Japanese Astrology

MB Free Japanese Astrology is a blood type personality astrology / assessment tool. This is based on the Japanese way of compatibility assessment on the basis of a persons blood type. The software tells you more about your characteristics as well as the

MB Japanese Astrology Compatibility

MB Japanese Astrology Compatibility is a blood type based compatibility software. This method of knowing peoples traits and their compatibility with each other is very much practiced in Japan. This Japanese method of personality matching is as popular as

MB Japanese Astrology Suite

MB Japanese Astrology Suite is a collection of Japanese astrology based on animals, astrology based on blood type and Kanji divination tools. The software tells you more about your characteristics as well as the level of compatibility with people of other

Blood Log  v.

Developed by Kalinga Gunawardhana Blood Log is an App that has the functionality for, - Find the right blood type for you(Donors, Receivers) -Blood Pressure status

Blood DonRec  v.

Do you know who can be your blood donor? Do you know who can get blood from you without any problems? This application can show it. You must only know what is your blood type. You can also check, if two people, knowing their blood groups, can be

Blood Foretell  v.

Developed by MICTH ** for user who read Thai ** ** This application is a part-of "The 1st E-SAAN Windows Phone 7 Application Competitions (" provided by Department of Computer Science KhonKaen University


Enter personal general health information in addition to specific information about, weight, blood pressure, sodium intack, pain level, prescriptions, allergic reactions, emergency contact information, cholesterol levels, fever pedomter counts, menstruel

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